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Google Adsense Matched Content Review & Earnings: New Ad Unit

Hello, In this post I will cover all the queries and useful information related to Google Adsense and its new services including new Ad units launched. Google Adsense matched content is a native ad unit launched recently by Google including two other ad units, namely in-feed ads and in-article ads. Reviews on different Ads unit will be discussed below.

What is Google Adsense?

Adsense is an advertisement placement service by Google, which is the way to revenue for bloggers. Adsense serves as a platform to increase marketing and also a source of earning for bloggers. There are many alternatives to Adsense such as, Prop Ads, Infolinks, etc. From all the alternatives its a fact that Adsense is the best, also because of the reason that, it’s a platform provided by Google itself. The program is completely designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, videos and links advertisement and earn from the clicks and action to their respective advert.

Google Adsense is very strict with its policies, do not ever use any trick to rank up your website [Black Hat]. Getting your Adsense account approved is the first step to Adsense revenue earning. Adsense Account Once Rejected by Google? No worry, get your Adsense account approved with few steps here.


Below are the most important things you must be aware of before using your Ads code on your blog:

  • Never click your own Ads: Let me aware you if you are not, Never click on your own ads for more revenue to your blog as Google is pretty much intelligent. 10 clicks is not a problem, but as the clicks on your own ads increases, Google will simply ban your Adsense account.
  • Don’t encourage others to click on your own Ads: Don’t think that Google can’t figure it out, Google is more advanced than you think about. He will catch your activity and simply ban your account. He did it with the help of IP address or similar, there is no complete proven thought about it.
  • Never rely on Adsense as your primary income: This statement is just because all data are stored and managed through servers and who knows about the future, the server could be triggered. Do keep alternatives ready for monetization process.
  • Try not to use more than 3 Ads on your page: With the new algorithm, it’s now allowed to put more than 3 Ads on a page, but I would recommend you to use only 3 Ads on a page. Ignore Ads usage on the home page of your blog.
  • Keep checking your Ads click: As I do, try to keep a regular check on your ads click. Like you get 10 clicks in 2 days and suddenly you get 100 clicks a day, this seems to be something fishy. You must check as someone could be aiming to harm your blog resulting you to be banned by Adsense.

What is an Ads Unit In Adsense?

Creating an Ad unit is the next step after you get your blog approved for an Adsense account. After the Adsense account got approved, to get paid for the ads we had to create an ad unit. There are multiple forms of Ad units as shown in the above image. You need to create an ad unit with your choice from your Adsense account and you will be given a code which will be applied to your blog at your required location.

After the Ad unit has been created, it takes 2-4 hours to get live on your blog and as the Ads are live on the blog, you will be paid for the clicks on your Ads. To get large revenue, you must focus on your page load time, backlinks and quality content.

Check Your Page Load Time- Here 

Check Your Blog Errors- Here

There are multiple Ad Units discussed below, keeping Adsense privacy policy under consideration:

  1. Text & Display Ads: This type of Ad has the second largest clicks for the contribution of the whole revenue. Make sure to choose the Ad size responsive. The position of this type of Ad should be in the middle of the post with center alignment.
  2. Link Only Ads: This type of Ad unit is used if you’re using a technical blog mainly. Link only ads shows the similar link ads as provided on your blog. Most of your revenue clicks will be driven by this ad unit only. The position of the ad unit must be in the beginning or at the end of the post.
  3. Matched Content: This type of Ad unit is the best way to increase your traffic which increases your page views and decreases your bounce rate. It also helps increasing clicks to your ads. It creates a positive impact of a blog. This is the most used native ads nowadays, but the sad part is that not all sites are eligible for matched content Ads. You cannot change the Ad type to the matched content ad.
  4. In-Feed Ads: This type of Ad unit is mostly used in news blogs or life hacks blogs. This is the recently launched native Ad unit. The native ads are based on the future marketing and according to the latest research, these native ads unit will only be available in the future.
  5. In-Article Ads: One of the recently added Ad unit by Adsense, which has the potential to get mixed with the article helping in the increase in revenue. This native Ad unit can be used by any kind of blog.

Are Adsense Matched Content Ad Units Worth Using?

10 days ago I logged into my Adsense account and there I discovered a new series of Native Ad units which includes the matched content also. I got surprised and eager to know what actually Google Adsense matched content ad unit is. Then I discovered all about matched content Ad units and worth using it.

Before adding the matched content Ad unit code to my one of the blog, I read all the information provided by Google publishers. It’s my opinion for you to read all the information provided by Google publishers regarding matched content ad unit.

Here is the appearance of the Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Unit under



What Are Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Units?

They’re Google first “related content” style ad unit, which drives traffic to other posts on your website only. It has been noticed that it also increases the CPC, which increases revenue. It works best for the user engagement to the websites.

The matched content Ad unit is not available for every site. Google only approved it for one of my websites. It has not been found yet on which criteria, approval to matched content is provided. In my opinion, it gives approval to only active websites.

 Do Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Units Increases Revenue?

Yes! They do, but not much.

As I’ve never used this ad unit for revenue increment. I generally use this Ad unit just to increase my page views and user engagement. I want people to get what I have provided for them on my website. With the duration of a week, I generated an additional traffic and engagement at a large scale. Yes! It really works.

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  • Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Unit must be applied above the post or below the post.
  • I will not recommend you to use two matched content ad unit on a single page or post, it’s useless.
  • Do not use on both the places ‘above and below’ the blog post.
  • Do not use in the middle of the post, it irritates the user post experience.
  • Matched Content Ad Unit does not comply with the term of using 3Ads in a page.
  • They are responsive and are easily viewed on the mobile devices too.

Want To Rate Matched Content Ad:

If you have an eligible site, give a try!

It benefits a lot so I keep it on my websites

Also give feedback in the comment section.

Tutorial On How To Create Google Adsense Matched Content Ad Unit And It’s Placement:


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